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FCA Huddle Information

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Click These Areas To Check Out Huddles That Are Meeting Throughout Southern Illinois!

South-Central Illinois/Greenville Area FCA

Greater Effingham Area FCA

Far Southern Illinois Area/Saluki FCA

How Do I Start An FCA Huddle At My School?

First - Determine what kind of Huddle you would like to start.

  • An FCA Team Huddle (Just Your Team)
  • An FCA Multi-Sport Huddle (School-Wide)
  • An FCA Coaches Huddle (Coaches Only)

Second - Have an adult leader (Huddle Coach) to complete a Ministry Leader Application.

Third - Contact Southern Illinois FCA (618/559-0616 or to set a date and time to help you, the Huddle Coach, and other leaders to organize the Huddle.

Fourth - Begin promoting, schedule, and execute your first FCA Huddle meeting.